Hundreds of companies have popped up in recent years offering independent college counseling services. Cost, level of service, and (most importantly) level of experience and expertise vary greatly among them. Please research firms carefully. Few independent counselors have been as fully immersed immersed in the college process as have I for the last 25 years. For more information about me, please go here.

The college admissions process is complex and multifaceted and every client's needs are different. As a result, services are always tailored to each individual student and family based on their desires and my recommendations. Services provided often include some combination of support related to:

  • high school course selection

  • standardized test choices timing 

  • extracurricular activities

  • development of an initial college list

  • college visits

  • admission interviews

  • summer programs

  • teacher recommendations

  • college costs, financial aid, and merit scholarships

  • application essays

  • application types and strategies

  • application review

  • finalizing college selection

  • additional services as appropriate

Students are most successful when engaged with my services early. The beginning of junior year is a good time to start, though it is (almost) never too late or too early. Most work can be done via email and periodic Skype conversations, but meeting in person may be possible depending on timing and location.

It is important to keep in mind that success looks different for every person. My goal is to help each student earn admission to a college that is a good fit for him or her - one that will appropriately challenge and support their growth as a student and person. Admission to the most selective college possible is not my primary concern.

If you believe I can be helpful to you, please contact me.


I love helping students achieve their goals and be successful in the college process. Although my family and I do appreciate the income that my independent college counseling work provides, it is not our primary means of support. I currently hold a full-time position as the director of college counseling at an excellent boarding and day school, the Fountain Valley School of Colorado.

With that in mind, the fee structure for my services is unique - there isn't one. All I ask is that, at the conclusion of the college process, you pay me what you believe my services have been worth to you and your family. I will happily accept whatever you offer - whether that is $10 or $10,000. Honest. 

If you are curious what other independent college counselors charge, I encourage you to do some research. Below are a couple of articles on the subject:

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