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A Match Made in Heaven

The college search process is a bit like getting married . . . Some say there are two secrets to a successful marriage: finding the right person, and being the right person. The secret to a successful college search process is very similar: finding the right college, and being the right student. In today's blog, we'll touch on finding the right college.

Finding the right college

There are THOUSANDS of college options out there. Most high school students are very familiar with only a few. It's time to broaden your horizons!

Let's say you were in the market for a car, and you decided to buy a Ferrari. Why? Someone told you they were the best cars. So you just had to have one. The problem is, you don't have a lot of money . . . and you like to always have a few friends with you . . . and your favorite activity is to drive to the mountains to go skiing. Suddenly, the Ferrari doesn't seem like the best car any more. And just like there is no best car for you without considering YOU, there is no best college for you without considering YOU.

So, who are you? Do you thrive on classroom discussions and getting to know your teacher? Are you looking forward to being a bit more anonymous in college? Do you learn best be listening and taking notes or by engaging in an intense debate? How would you feel being far from home? Do you need to be in or near a big city? Have you spent much time in a big city? (Just checking - you should know what you're getting into!)

Once you know your own personal answers to these questions, the (and only then) should you begin considering colleges. Don't start with the name of a school that you really want to go to and then try to figure out how to make yourself fit into that box. Instead, start with some criteria and see what schools fit into your box.

Remember, one of the keys to a successful marriage . . . I mean college search . . . is finding a college that meets YOUR criteria. Keep searching until you find some that offer what you seek.

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